The Fair Practice Code (FPC) has been formulated by Uttaranjali Nidhi Ltd (the Company) with a view to institute fairness and healthy practice of the business of the Company and thereby creating cordial relationship between the Company and customer and to foster confidence in the investment service system. The FPC shall be binding on all the employees and officers of the Company. In this code, the word “customer” shall also mean “share holder”/member of the Company and vice-versa.


i) Adopt the best practices in dealings with customers.
ii) Set challenging benchmarks and strive to achieve high operating standards for ensuring customer satisfaction.
iii) Follow transparent, fair, ethical and legally tenable practices while conducting business.
iv) Provide all necessary information and inputs to customers / prospective customers and promote a mutually beneficial long term relationship.
v) Facilitate a continuously growing base of satisfied customers while scrupulously avoiding acquisition of customers having doubtful credentials or criminal background.


i) The Company undertakes to abide by all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines passed / issued by the Regulators and other competent authorities.
ii) The Company commits itself to full customer satisfaction through efficient, professional and courteous services across all its offices.
iii) The Company shall consistently strive to meet with and improve upon the internally set benchmarks and practices and be ahead of the standards prevalent in the industry.
iv) The Company undertakes not to discriminate customers on grounds of religion, caste, gender or language.
v) The Company will provide clear and full information about its products and services to its customers / prospective customers and will not resort to any misleading or potentially misguiding advertisement or publicity.
vi) The Company undertakes to desist from introducing any products / services having elements of ‘hidden charges’ or lack of transparency.
vii) The Company will communicate in the local language with the customer and in English at the request of the customer
viii) The Company undertakes to take all possible and reasonable measures to secure the safe custody of the security pledged by the customer and to compensate the customer for any accidental, inadvertent or fraudulent loss of the security whilst in the custody of the Company.
ix) The Company undertakes not to take advantage of any unintentional or clerical error made by the customer while transacting business.